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Timers, Dimmers, and Sensors

Along with making changes to the type of lighting you are using in your home, you may consider upgrading from regular toggle switches to more efficient timers, dimmers, or even sensors.  


Timers allow for electrical devices to only be used at certain times.  This way, you don't have to leave a light on all day if you're away and want one on in the evening. Exterior accent lighting on a timer or photocell sensor also will not be forgotten to be turned on, nor left on the following day, resulting in pleasing exterior aesthetics without continually spinning the meter.


Dimmer switches are another great asset for interior lighting.  Allowing for more of a custom lighting feel, dimmers can also save your energy use by reducing the amount of power reaching the bulb.  With a dimmer installed, there's no need to run a light at full power or leave it dark either.


Lastly, occupancy and motion sensors are another great tool in reducing energy costs. Customize your sensor to turn on when someone enters a room, but also turn off after a preset time allottment.  A few examples of where occupancy and motion sensors are great for include bathrooms, hallways, attic or crawl spaces, and the garage.

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